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Andrew Robertson, Owner
About A&L Performance Automotive L.L.C.
Our most commonly asked question is, "What does the A and L stand for?" Well, it is really quite simple, my name is Andrew and my wife's name is Lizbeth. We decided that in order for our business to work we needed the support of one another so it was only fitting that we name our business after one another. 

"What do you sell?"

We have everything from aftermarket off-road accessories to street racing equipment to OEM parts such as ACDELCO, MOTORCRAFT and MOPAR and a large selection of European and Japanese parts. 

"Why did you decide to open a parts business?"

My wife and I decided to open up this business after having owned an automotive repair shop and realizing just how hard it is to receive great service, prices and warranty options from the many parts stores. 

"How do you remain competitive to the many online and brick and mortar stores?"

We remain competitive by striving to make sure that we are continuing to buy parts at reasonable costs through our many suppliers. Also, keeping our overhead to a minimum by maintaining an online presence and not maintaining a brick and mortar store along with the many costs associated with it. If you notice we do not even have a digital online store because this would increase the cost to the customer.
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